Eduardo Otero Rodriguez – Agua in situ

As part of my graduation project, I made a design that can be help the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. The design was created as an initiative to help poor people in southern of Colombia where there is no network access to water.
Agua in Situ is a sustainable design to supply water. So the basic idea is to collects water from rainwater, allowing water for basics tasks in a family. The area where is located is a tropical environment so the source is guarantee. For the sterilized can be made it, by a carbon filter connected at the end of the distribution pipe.
However the design can be integrated into any environment and in the cities as part of its urban furniture. Building a network of “Agua in Situ” in the roads or in parks. So this would generate a greater impact on water harvesting, which could be used for agriculture, industry or cleaning of the city or can be connected to a treatment plant for purification and be integrated into water supply network of the city.
Its organic design allows seamless integration with the environment, becoming an additional element of the city’s urban furniture.
The structure is steel pipe with anti corrosion layer and UV rays protection. Its internal layer is polycarbonate.

Eduardo Otero Rodriguez

Eduardo Otero Rodríguez hold a Bachelor´s degree in Industrial Design at ICESI University Colombia (2008). Eduardo also pursued studies in an exchange Industrial Design program at Pforzheim University (2007-2008) in Germany. As well he hold a Master Degree in Strategy Design at Politecnico Di Milano (2010- 2012).
Nowadays Eduardo works as Industrial Design in Germany, where he is responsible for the sketch ideation and 3D development of products for the German market


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