ADAD 2015



The 2015 Edition of Designer A Day, an initiative sponsored by the la Trentina COnsortium together with – Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, is taking place in this special year for the city of Milan, when it is set to be the focus of the international scene over many months, and which the Salone del Mobile is organising as a kind of “rehearsal” for the influx of visitors that the Expo will bring into the city in the following months.

Continuing its commitment to support young designers, La Trentina is organising a competition this year for young (under 35), self-producing designers.

La Trentina is one of the biggest apple-producing consortia in the country and in Europe. It grew out of a long tradition for putting all the passion that its members feel for their land into the fruit they produce. The aim is to bring all the tastes and aromas that typify the Trentino region right into the home along with La Trentina fruit, with the greatest care for consumer safety and for the promotion of wise and healthy eating. In view of this, the food production industry has to stay constantly aware of the changing behaviour and needs of contemporary living which are subject to rapid and continual transformation. In this context, design can become a powerful tool, not just as a project but also as a kind of key to investigating and decodifying a complex sector where it is becoming increasingly important to manage and coordinate the different components of production, service, strategy and communication with which the food industry shares these important values: passion, determination, attention to detail and great care for the quality of its products.

We invite you in Trento from May, 29th for the Open Design Italia new edition with the exhibition of under 35 selected projects and at Civica Project – Mart with the 5 projects shown during the Design Week!

The selected projects of the contest and the special projects by designers Filippo Mambretti+Jennifer Carew, Emanuele Magini, Simone Simonelli+Giulia Cavazzani, Whomade, AUT were exhibited during the 2015 Design Week (April 14th – 19th) @ via Tortona 34 – God Save The Food.

Selected projects are:

“Cortecce” | Giulia Ciuoli
“L’Altra metà della mela” | Guglielmo Brambilla + Elena Biondi
“La composta” | Denny Casini + Alberto Biadene
“Mela+” | Marta Zanotti
“Meladì” | DDuM Studio (Laura Pirro, Giulio Mandrillo, Chiara Pirro)
“My better half” | Irene Zangrandi
“Welcome home” | Simone Castiglione + Laura Cipriani

The Jury also chose to mention the following concept idea:
“Melacolori” | 3AF (Antonia Volpone, Andrea Piergianni, Francesca Oliva)

All participant projects will be published soon on this site.

But #ADAD2015 doesn’t stops: all exhibited products will be soon distributed on Buru-Buru and sold at Civica Project of Mart di Rovereto.

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Guarda il video dei progetti (realizzato da

ADAD 2015 | A designer a day from Factorious on Vimeo.

Aim of the competition

The aim of the competition is to develop new products that have some connection to the world of La Trentina: personal items and accessories, kitchenware, small furnishings, etc., which represent the world of apple production and its supply chain, or are an expression of its underlying philosophy.

Theme of the competition

The design theme is the “Apple” as a total concept – not just an end product for consumption, but the whole relationship that the region has with apples, the dynamics of the production and distribution processes; apples as a food choice and as a sustainable way of life. Designers will be judged on the following elements: relationship with the local territory, attention to sustainable lifestyles, and the use of natural materials whilst remaining aware of the potential that new production technologies can bring.

Jury composition

The Jury is composed of:

The President of the Jury will be appointed by the Commission itself from the indicated members.
The Jury’s decision will be based on a majority vote.


The competition jury will select a maximum of 7 designs.
Each of the designs selected will be offered maximum exposure by the following means:

  • online launch of the design on the website;
  • presentation of the design at the Salone del Mobile 2015 during Design Week;
  • presentation of the design in the trade press (online and paper);
  • presentation of the design at exhibitions in Trentino (e.g. Open Design Italy – Trento, 29-31 May 2015);
  • marketing of the product (in ways to be agreed) in Trento at the Bookshop of the Galleria Civica del Mart, as part of the Civica Project initiative;
  • marketing of the product (in ways to be agreed) via specialist online platforms (officialised partnership: Buru-Buru).

Rules for participation

Entry to the competition is free and open to all designers/self-producers/craftsmen/makers (individually or as a group) under the age of 35.
Groups of designers can also participate: a group leader must be appointed who will be the only contact point in dealing with, Consortium of the Polytechnic of Milan.
Participation is subject to the compilation of the participation form on this site by March 15, 2015 6 pm. Files sent (tables and report) must not exceed 10 Mb in all.
Any application received after this deadline will not be valid.

The work related to Phase 1 must be submitted by the form on the site by March 30, 2015 6 pm.

For questions or information about the competition please email: