Giorno 5 _ Myra


Un progetto di Michael Kainhofer

Intervista a cura di BRANCHIE

Michael Kainhofer in 1000 characters.
Since I was a kid I was quite into creating things, no matter if it was building things with toy bricks or drawing cartoon characters, but that’s usually the love of every healthy child, right?

As I grew older I did an apprenticeship as a joiner, where I got very into furniture design. Although after finishing this education, all the new media came up and I switched to the study of multi media design.

After two years of work experience as a graphic designer I wanted to combine the two disciplines and went to south tyrol to study design at the Free University of Bolzano. Unfortunately I have to mention here that – due to several personal reasons – I was not able to complete this course. I went back to Salzburg in Austria, since then I am working self-employed and as an interior designer.

What about the project you are presenting at “A Designer A Day”?
When I was back in Salzburg I badly wanted to continue with product design, but resources were quite limited. I had neither studio nor any financial resources to realize a project. I had no choice but to adapt my project to the given conditions circumstances.

This developed into “MYRA”, a table produced with lowest resources and machine expenditure

What does self-production mean for you?
It is a continuous battle between the wish of independency and realizing own ideas and the often limited opportunities and the quality which could be higher in some cases.

Especially as a joiner it is – I think – obvious that I really enjoy to be in the workshop and work with the material. It is a great feeling to see the project you once created on the paper be actually formed.

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