Mary Ann Attard _ Fulu

Fulu, a concept sofa

Fulu (which in Maltese means “fava bean”) is a high-concept “sofa” design which won the 2nd prize D&AD Yellow Pencil Vitra Furniture Award in 2008. The idea at its basis comes from a childhood memory of mine: often my mother used to peel kilos of fava beans on the kitchen table. The peels piled up, shaping a green hill which intrigued my imagination as a child. By manipulating and exaggerating its size and form, the hill-shaped form became the concept for an object to sit on and relax, plunging the user into a daydream atmosphere.
In 2011, thanks to the support of the Malta Arts Fund, I had the opportunity to produce a handmade prototype of the sofa, consisting of 1000 pieces of cast-expanded polyurethane covered in felt.


Mary Ann Attard (b1983) graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Hons in Product Design. Instinctively inspired by serendipity and people’s routines, her design strives to take the user by surprise, bringing about an emotional impact by playing around with habits too often taken for granted. She won the 2nd prize Yellow Pencil D&AD Vitra Furniture Design Award in 2008 for an installation sofa.

Her last solo exhibition, Fulu, was held in October 2011 in Valletta, showcasing her sofa installation. She is currently working as a freelance product and furniture designer under the pseudonym of Xineza and lecturing Recycled Product Design.


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