Autistic behavior while eating – (Gruppo 11)

Di 22 Novembre 2015Ed. 2015-2016

To make a child eat his food it’s sometimes a complicated mission for parents while to get an autistic child to eat it’s even harder.  Autism disorder has a wide range of spectrum, which reflects differently on each individual. The videos below are some examples of difficulties autistic children’s and their parents are facing during dining time.

Since autism is a wide spectrum, finding a common ground for all autistic personal it’s not an easy task. Here are several points witch can includes few of the common behaviors:

  • Eating with Hands
  • Messy eating
  • Selectivity of food choosing
  • Disturbance by other people or other objects around them
  1. Specific disorder : Have to write down with his right hand while eating with the left

  1. Specific disorder: Facing food allergies. (complicated task for autistic personal)

  1. Specific disorder: eating unhealthy food

  1. Explanations how dose autism effects a child’s eating habits

  1. Specific disorder: Make an autistic eat it’s difficult because everything can became a distraction.

  1. Specific disorder: she doesn’t use cutlery

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