The smart box includes a structure help, which helps children with autism to deal with challenges and tasks during their everyday life, at home and at school.

Everyday structure and regularly practiced rituals form a stable environment that helps every child to develop their independence and personality.

The smart box offers the child a visual, non-verbal way to prepare for different situations.

It contains clear and unambiguous symbols and tools that can be used in many ways.

For example, the structure board which is there for planning the day.

Almost all contents of the structure board and the magnetic cards are visually displayed. So almost nothing has to be read or counted.

The cards like the “trend indicator” or the “volume robot” simplify communication at home and school. This helps to remove tension from stressful situations.

Just by looking at the board you can see what is going to happen on the following day.

The main aim of “the smart box” Is to relieve the daily challenges of the autistics.

In addition, it also serves to sensitize the social environment to the issue of autism in order to develop the best possible understanding of how to deal with those affected.


Items of the box:

  1. Structure board for school/home – daily routine
  2. The 7 weekdays magnets
  3. Clock picture magnets – to see the time
  4. Trend indicator – to show how you feel
  5. Anti- stress ball – to ease
  6. Work methods cards – single or groupwork
  7. Voting cards – yes or no
  8. Empty card magnets – to create your own ones
  9. Volume robot – volume control for the teacher
  10. Volume disc – for the children
  11. Stop sign
  12. Pictures for subjects like math, english etc. and task cards for home



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