THINGS by  Shirin Amini and Farid Hatami 

Our senses are the fundamental building blocks of our world around us. They allow us to grow and evolve. The aura lights, our senses build our world piece by piece, and it makes sense.

However, those who live with ASD will be able to react differently, often This is why when designing for those who have autism, thorough and effective use of the senses can become the most valuable and effective tool designers. This is exactly what  Shirin Amini and Farid Hatami did when working on THINGS.

THINGS is a sensory based design project, focusing on using light and tactility to interact with its users. The project goal was to create a device that helps individuals, allowing them to play and experience sensory exploration.

The device that was ideated was a light-box frame, which housed LED light strips, the device also had a selection of different heavily textured cubes. The user would take these cubes, where they could observe or play with the cubes. As they play with the bumps and grooves of the cube, they strengthen their comprehension and understanding of their sensory responses to the textures. Over time its expected that the users should be able to improve, making the world a little less daunting for them.

The lighting is designed to create a calm soothing scene while the user is familiarizing himself with the textures and colors. Differences in color saturation and hues can be difficult for people with ASD to adjust too, the designers of specifying none jarring lighting, as well as insetting the lighting strip to avoid direct glare and help diffuse the light better.  The frame can also promote social improvement and general social skills with others, where two children could interact and explore together, learning and playing together.



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