LULO is a luminaire that alloys kids to play within colorful lights in a fun and intuitive way.

Not like the digital projector that could be complicated to use for children with ASD, LULO is simple but playful, easier to understand and set up.

With a LED light and 3 colorful filters in the primary colors, it provides lights with colors.   

With one another transparent filter, on which children could draw, it is possible to project the silhouetted scenes of their own painting that they create on the wall, in this way they could put themselves in their own dream.

Where is light, where are shadows, under those colorful lights formed by the filters, children would interact with themselves, with other children by playing with their shadows. Just let the shadows talk for them.


Furthermore, it’s possible to set the red, blue, and yellows filters together on the product to see how colors combine, it could be the beginning of learning the theory of colors.

Last but not least, naturally lights create shadows, so LULO gives the occasion for the caregiver to teach the children how to do the collage and create the puppet for projecting, using the famous Chinese shadows as a mode of interaction and having fun after doing the craftwork or plainly playing with the hands.

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