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Earlier this year, Shortcut Labs released the Flic smart button. It’s a “do anything” button that allows users to control the apps on their phone at the simple touch of a button. Now, it’s taking the idea a step further with the Flic Hub.

By connecting with up to 64 Flic buttons, the Flic Hub is designed to discreetly add complex online functionality within the home or workplace. Previously, the buttons needed to work through a smartphone, but the Hub completely bypasses phones. This allows multiple users to use the buttons for a variety of activities such as turning on smart lights like the Philips Hue, placing a food order, or controlling the music.

Within the smart home industry, the most successful innovations are ones that are easy to use regardless of how tech savvy someone is. With the Flic Hub, the whole family can operate the buttons even when the user’s phone is not present. Through a combination of single, long, or double presses, Flic buttons can control just about any smart device. Smart lights can be switched on or off. Buttons can connect to Spotify,  and Samsung Multiroom, Sonos, or Bose Soundtouch audio systems to control music around the house. Flic can also be used to control heating, order pizza, as a doorbell, and much more. If there’s an app for it, chances are it can be accessed with the Flic button.

“We’re seeing real momentum behind the smart home movement and there’s a defined and clear opportunity in establishing the smart workplace, too,” says Flic co-founder Pranav Kosuri. “The Flic Hub is designed to take all the elements that make the Flic button so great — its ease of use, simplicity and time-saving qualities — and completely untether people from their phones with their everyday tasks to make them more accessible regardless of age or technical ability.”

In the workplace, Flic Hub brings even more convenience. In a restaurant, it can be used by customers to order a beer or request the bill. At a care facility, patients can easily call for help or dim the lights on their own.


Perché è smart: Un unico bottone permette a tanti utenti di controllare e gestire diversi servizi, come Spotify o l’illuminazione, senza l’utilizzo di uno smartphone ma tramite un dispositivo ad hoc che può collegarsi a ben 64 pulsanti contemporaneamente.

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