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The Pi Offers a Futuristic Slice of Proximity Charging For New iPhones

Apple’s trio of new iPhones outfitted with the wireless Qi charging standard has reignited excitement about a post-Lighting/USB Type-C charging cable world. But if California-based startup Pi Inc. has any word in shaping the future of mobile devices, charging wirelessly with a mat will only be a stopgap. Soon we’ll be recharging using their beam-forming resonant induction wireless recharging station, one capable of recharging up to four devices from up to one foot away.The Pi charging station’s conical shape isn’t merely for aesthetics alone. The unit is engineered to produce a magnetic field emanating in all directions, capable of charging any Qi-standard compatible device at 10W each at a distance of 1″ to 12″ away – including the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the upcoming iPhone X – all without the standard charging mat required today. Android devices and tablets outfitted with Qi can also be used with the Pi charging station, while non-Qi devices can be made to work with an extra slide-on resonant receiver equipped case.


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