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On the Users’ Acceptance of IoT Systems: A Theoretical Approach_Gruppo1

By 21 September 2018September 23rd, 2018Ed. 2018-2019, Reference 2018-9

: On the Users’ Acceptance of IoT Systems: A Theoretical Approach

: Rino Falcone, Alessandro Sapienza

The user becomes the fundamental point in all of this. A technology can be potentially perfect and
very useful but, if people do not accept it, each effort is useless and it goes out of use. It is necessary to
keep in mind how much the user is willing to accept an IoT system and to what extent he wants to
interface with it.
We would like to focus on this last point, the concept ofuser acceptance”.
As Ghazizadeh saystechnology fundamentally changes a person’s rolemaking the system
performance progressively dependent on the integrity of this relationship […]. In fact, automation
will not achieve its potential if not properly adopted by users and seamlessly integrated into a new
task structure”.
[…] Furthermore, Miranda talk about Internet of People (IoP). In fact, they reiterate that
technology must be integrated into the users’ daily lives, which are right at the center of the system.”Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology—National Research Council of Italy (ISTC-CNR), 00185 Rome, Italy;

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