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Black Mirror (tv series)_Gruppo11


Black Mirror (s. 3 e. 1), (s. 2 e. 1) tv series_Gruppo 11

by Charlie Brooker

(s. 3 e. 1)

Lacie Pound lives in a world where anyone can rate the popularity of other people with up to five stars, thanks to a technology installed within smart phones and standard lenses that let you view everyone’s current name and score. The protagonist of this episode is obsessed with the idea of being popular; however, after several events that occur during the course of the day and that lead her to have a low score, Lucie discovers that you can be happy even if you are estranged from this system.

The episode, set in the future but inspired by the modern world, focuses on current issues and the challenges posed by the introduction of new technologies, particularly in the field of media and social networks. In this way the multiplicity of identities in today’s society is highlighted, which can be more or less true or constructed.


(s. 2 e. 1)

After a woman’s husband dies, she learns about a service that can use machine learning to essentially bring him back to life, using photos, videos, and social media posts to recreate his essence. At first, she just chats with him online. Then they speak by phone. Finally, a real-life version is living with her and helping to raise her daughter.

The episode helped us to understand what effects could be created by living with a clone of a dead person, one of the main purposes of Terasem. Martha, who brought back to life his boyfriend Ash, feels uncomfortable, struggles to accept Ash’s existence and is concerned by his inability to sleep and absence of original personality traits.