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Designers: Mert Can Bakır & Melahat Köşeli


N-Air is a product that uses the benefits of herbs and plants for cleaning the lungs, especially for people with asthma and bronchitis. As a humidifier, it increases the humidity in the air to prevent viruses in flight and soothe the sinuses. But what distinguishes it is the integrated diffuser that exploits the benefits of herbs and plants such as lobelia and eucalyptus.



It filters the air polluted from the outside, cleans it and emits fresh air with steam, and releases the steam of the organic substance contained in the capsule.



It is smart because it has the technology to function efficiently with a battery a motherboard, an engine, a fan and a water filter, it can control its operation through the phone.


It is sustainable because it uses natural medicinal plants to purify the air, the capsule in which can be reused and only the plants that the user wants are added.







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