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Aira Scooter// by Isabel Fuentes - Smart Design


Designers: Antoine Beynel & Miio Studio


Aira is a sustainable delivery scooter that features a purifying stone to help eliminate air pollutants. The stone, which has been developed and patented by PVT, is prefabricated with recycled materials, further increasing its positive impact on the environment. Its tubular design with a matte finish is characterized by airless eco-conscious tires, which absorb impact and offer comfort while driving to the city. Aira is a sustainable electric scooter for mainly food delivery., contributes to the elimination of air pollutants.




EcoGranic combats pollution through a process similar to photosynthesis of plants. It guarantees high decontamination efficiency for over 25 years. It transforms harmful gases into compounds that are harmless to human health and the environment, through a process of natural oxidation, free of chemical agents and with an infinite effect over time.




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Aira tyres are supported by a network made of thermoplastic resin, the material is flexible and resistant 100% recyclable. This flexibility allows to absorb impacts during delivery.

aira_sustainable_delivery_03   aira_sustainable_delivery_07


Because of the manufacture and technology of prefabricated materials, the airless tires also allows a better mobilty and efficiency in the city


It is sustainable to contain recyclable materials, and it controls the  atmospheric pollutants.