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Pneumatic Splinting // Posted by Ye Cai

By 24 September 2019Ed. 2017-2018

Pneumatic Splinting


Concept in collaboration with National University Hospital, Department of Orthopedic.

Post operation treatment of distal radial wrist fracture involves immobilization of the fractured area with a splint and a compression garment, however removal of the setup is required numerous times a day makes it a challenging and tedious task for the user reapply the setup. 
The Self-wrapping Pneumatic Splint provides a simpler splinting alternative to post operation treatment of wrist fractures. Wrapping, compression and immobilization of the fractured area through the simple act of inflation, the result is a piece that embodies the functionality and versatility of Air.






















Inspired by the natural phenomenal of Pine Cones closing when exposed to high levels of moisture and opening when dry, a series of in-depth studies were conducted to extract the theory behind and incorporating it into the design of a Self-Wrapping Splint that is able to aid the patients in the process of putting it on.
The design of the air valve too into consideration the difficulty involved in the removal of the valve cap with the use of one hand. The redesigned rubber valve involves a fabric strap that not only functions as a larger affordance for the user remove the valve but also prevent the valve cap from  becoming detached from the Splint. User simply have to pull any point of the strap to peel off the valve cap for inflation.
































Perché è un smart design?
È smart nel senso che organizzando una struttura ispirata dalla natura, riuscito sostenere l’uso dei materiali non necessari. L’utente riesce anche a gestire tutto con una mano sola specificamente in questo contesto di uso.
Perché può essere sostenibile?

Considerando il meccanismo che usa.


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