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Designer: Benditas Studio

Providing a nice light for the space with photons for a small kitchen-garden, the brot is a lamp and planter combined in a package of smooth terracotta. The lamp provides nourishment to a small garden-kitchen. The upper half of the brot lamp houses light, while the lower half has a container for growing plants. Inside the lower half there is a stainless steel tray that serves as a support for the plant. You can plant a variety of seeds in the brot, and the process is quite standard. The seeds must be soaked in advance before being planted, and can then be placed in the lower half of the brot. They need to be moistened (using a spray) 2-3 times a day. For example pea seeds only take 4-6 days to grow.
The Brot is not for sale yet.



It has the right materials and type of light to allow the growth of plants and at the same time have the right light for the required space.


It is sustainable because you can use different plants of any kind and they will have the growth for the amount of water and light (for photons) they need.

The Brot Planter Lamp


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